Intelligent Enterprise Ecosystem

DIRECTING bridge the gap between business and information-knowledge by designing and creating the foundations for an Operational, Evolutionary, Intelligent Enterprise Ecosystem where, business processes, systems, corporate and external information, work together under the business strategy.



Machine Intelligence into Business

DIRECTING designs and creates adaptive, collaborative Intelligent Open Architecture Platforms that transforms heterogeneous information into knowledge based on machine learning¬† (neural networks, Self Organized Maps, SVM, Fuzzy logic, Genetic Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, etc….).

Our Solutions have ability to be trained based on the strategy and goals of each enterprise, in order to fetch the necessary information both in corporate systems and the web, analyze, create forecasts and finally present the results according to decision makers needs.

In fact intelligent solutions that are evolving in parallel with each enterprise taking under consideration business complexity and social environment uncertainty.


Intelligent Systems Engineering

Based on Business Intelligence Strategy we design conceptual, logical and data models, after an audit of business processes and aims, IT infrastructure, human resources availability and experience. In a more descriptive way we perform the following tasks :

Data Analysis Strategy -<>-Data Analysis Evaluation -<>-Model Definition -<>-Results Evaluation-<>-Deployment-<>-Plan Monitoring and Maintenance -<>-Data Description and Summarization -<>-Data Integration -<>-Data Migration -<>-Data Synchronization


Our Ultimate Objective…

… is to help each enterprise to increase profitability by applying state of the art : Business Growth Evaluation,¬†marketing effectiveness, ROI, customer satisfaction, business and marketing scenarios results prediction.