Intelligent Enterprise Ecosystem

DIRECTING bridge the gap between business and Big Data Analytics by offering to your enterprise an Ecosystem where, business processes, systems, corporate and external information, work together under your business strategy.

Flexible Services Model. We offer a flexible services model designed to complement the specific needs of your team.

Transform. We’ll take on your entire project from design to roll-out.

Partner. We’ll work with you to provide ad hoc services on the technology platform of your choosing as you need them.

Training. We’ll mentor your business analysts to get them up to speed on the latest dashboard reporting, big data & analytics best practices. 

Machine Intelligence into Business

DIRECTING offers adaptive, collaborative Intelligent Open Architecture Platforms that transforms heterogeneous information into knowledge based on machine learning  (neural networks, Self Organized Maps, SVM, Fuzzy logic, Genetic Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, etc….).

Our Platforms have ability to be trained based on the strategy and goals of your enterprise, in order to fetch the necessary information both in corporate systems and the web, analyze, create forecasts and finally present the results according to decision makers needs.

In fact intelligent solutions that are evolving in parallel with YOUR enterprise taking under consideration business complexity and social environment uncertainty.

Intelligent Systems Engineering

SELF SERVICE ANALYTICS. We can help your company to make faster and better business decisions, empowering them with self-service tools to explore data and share insights in minutes.

OPERATIONAL REPORTING. We can build auto-generated, real-time reports so your teams can better manage their work.

BIG DATA MANAGEMENT. More and more data are coming from new data sources including social, sensors, etc… and faster than ever. We help you combine new and existing data sources to manage and make better decisions about your business.


Our Ultimate Objective…

… is to help each enterprise to increase profitability by applying state of the art : Business Growth Evaluation, marketing effectiveness, ROI, customer satisfaction, business and marketing scenarios results prediction.