Intelligent Digital Farmer

Intelligent Digital Farmer project, has been approved by decision No. 1176/05.06.2019 of EYDE ETAK, within the framework of the Single Action of State Aid for Research, Technological Development and Innovation “Research-Create-Innovate” of the “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” operational program of the NSRF 2014-2020 of the 1st Cycle.

The object of the project is the development and commercial exploitation of an electronic notebook, the “Intelligent Digital Farmer (IDF)”, for the management of olive farms. The application is available in the form of an electronic platform compatible with Android and iOS environment, on tablets and mobile phones, providing integrated crop management practices, environmental assessment tools and precision agriculture practices.

Through the application, olive growers have the possibility to register their plots, while at the same time they can record all the cultivation practices they apply such as plant protection, harvests and fertilization applications, while access is also given to services such as weather forecasting, agricultural warnings and the digital library.

Participating Companies: Foodstandard S.A., Advity I.K.E, Directing Intelligence E.E