DATACTIF PHARMACIS Intelligent Platform

DIRECTING INTELLIGENCE introduces Artificial Intelligence to Pharmacists in order to enhance their social, scientific and business role by allowing them a more effective care for their client and profitability increase. With the intelligent platform DATACTIF PHARMACIS allows:

  1. Impact analysis, monitoring and prediction of treatment consistency and application
  2. Impact analysis, monitoring and prediction  of Chronic Diseases evolution
  3. Impact analysis and monitoring of Multiple Chronic Diseases
  4. Impact analysis and monitoring of best practices conerning treatment implementation, as well as possible side effects and contraindications
  5. Impact analysis, monitoring and prediction of sales of non-prescription drugs, existing correlation with diseases and possible side effects and contraindications
  6. Identification of customer awareness  in order to help Pharmacists to propose a range of parapharmaceutical products aiming at a holistic approach of client’s health
  7. Opportunities identification and scenarios prediction concerning profitability


A single view of each client/patient

Full history

View of group where each client/patient belongs

Treatment Application Monitoring and Prediction. Appropriate treatment for each condition is well known (although in the case of multiple chronic diseases where more doctors intervene,  dysfunctions are observed), however, from prescribing to treatment implementation, there is a big difference for different reasons (economic , negligence, etc ..). DATACTIF PHARMACIS indicates the real treatment application for each client/patient and warns the pharmacist of any deviation.

Multiple Chronic Diseases Management. The application can analyze cases of polypharmacy, associating them with multiple chronic conditions but also separate them from the occasional diseases that are treated with the right single treatment.

Correlation of products (drugs and parapharmaceuticals), correlation with active substances. These associations will reveal possible side effects due to prescriptions from different doctors. It will also show a correlation of diseases with parapharmaceutical products, so that the pharmacist knows when a client is sensitive to suggest such products and vice versa to find out if the client asks for a non-prescribed drug (eg Betadine) if this is indicated by his or her condition (eg heart disease).

Customer Personal Information. Customer’s overall picture enriched with all findings of its history analysis as well as personalized add-ons of information by the pharmacist himself. DATACTIF PHARMACIS thanks to the Artificial Intelligence offers targeted, self-supporting recommendations to help the pharmacist identify the best action for each client individually. It also provides a pioneering data display capability that provides the right visualization of information just as the pharmacist needs.

Personalized Functions. In the client/patient personal card information from the Pharmacist himself can also be recorded such as:

  1. Allergies’ Indications
  2. Symptoms recording after discussion with the patient
  3. Nutritional Advice
  4. Suggestions for visiting a doctor
  5. Comments and remarks

DATACTIF SMART. Intelligence in each clients’ smart phone

DATACTIF SMART is a smart phone application for every client/patient, able to receive part of the patient’s history from the pharmacist’s card (as the pharmacist will decide), reminders, information, etc. … The patient will be able to transfer his / her personal measurements (Pressure – Pulse – Oximetry – Cardiogram – etc …) through his own devices  and applications in order to keep his / her history updated and complete.