DATACTIF PHARMACIS Intelligent Platform


DATACTIF PHARMACIS has for mission the Identification of chronic and multiple chronic diseases and correlation with prescribed and over-the-counter medications as well as parapharmaceuticals products. Also the detection of Side Effects. More explicitly :

  1. Impact analysis, monitoring and prediction of Chronic Diseases evolution
  2. Impact analysis and monitoring of Multiple Chronic Diseases
  • Impact analysis, monitoring and prediction of treatment consistency and application
  1. Impact analysis and monitoring of best practices concerning treatment implementation, as well as possible side effects and contraindications

Directing developed a methodology to train a neural network system through a sequence of concepts:




DATACTIF SMART is a smart phone application, allowing every patient to build his own history as well as providing him with reminders, enriching the whole information from the web. The patient will be able to transfer his/her personal measurements (Pressure – Pulse – Oximetry – Cardiogram – etc) through his own devices and applications in order to keep his/her history updated and complete. DATACTIF SMART performs also treatment Application Monitoring and warns of any deviation