PLANNER is an e-CRM, that can be connected with existing production and information management systems of each enterprise, as well as with DATACTIF Analytics, able to manage logistics, customer information, marketing campaigns, customer contact management etc….

Between other facilities PLANNER offers :

SQL Statements. Ability to design queries without restrictions and without prior knowledge of SQL syntax, through handy tool box in order to create a list which is either exported to a file or passed to a second stage statistics analysis. It can also be stored as a temporary file and withdrawn so that it can be combined with other searches.

Statistical Analysis. PLANNER offers all classical statistical analyses tools (OLAP) but once connected with DATACTIF Big Data Analytics it can offers a unique view on data information for any kind of usage.

Full CRM Management. Access to all information related to both individual customers and to customers who obey criteria set by the user, as well as logistics, stores, sales, etc… PLANNER is the only CRM Contact Management & Analytical System which is dynamic and shaped by the user according to their needs and requirements